ALGAE based materials developed during a course in Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018  

Tutored together with Annika Kaldoja and Kadri Saluri

The aim of the project was to explore the possibilities of using local seaweed as a source for making biobased new materials. Within one semester long period students collected and observed local species of algae and seaweed. During laboratory work polysaccharides furcellaran and alginate were extracted from Furcellaria Lubricalis and Fucus Vesiculosus. 

Together with the supervisors, four different approaches for using local seaweed for making new materials were developed by students and materials realised during experimenting and adjusting the recipes. 


"BIOBASED MATERIALS" exhibition in Mektory, Tallinn 

Students works from Estonian Academy of Arts supervised together with Annika Kaldoja and Erki Nagla (2018)


The exposition base is made of mushroom mycelium and sawdust, designed by Kaisa Sööt.

The exhibits included: experiments with bacterial cellulose; biosilicone and bioplastics; nanocellulose; mycelium based experiments on soft cellulose fibres and textiles; explorations of morphological alternatives of silk assembly and solutions of using residual materials from meat industry and local cafeterias.

Photos by Tõnu Tunnel

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"HACKING SILK", master's thesis project by MARIE VINTER, supervisors: Kairi Tammoja and Kärt Ojavee

"LIVING MATERIALS" course outcomes by students of the Estonian Academy of Arts: OLGA KRASIZKAJA, TRIIN TALTS, MARI SEGER, supervised by: Annika Kaldoja, Erki Nagla and Kärt Ojavee 

"DEBRIS" by TRIIN LOOSAAR, a project investigated and developed during a course supervised by Kärt Ojavee

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"NOTJUSTUSELESS" by KATALIN HUSZAR, a project investigated during a course supervised by Kärt Ojavee

"SI:N" by MARILIIS NIINE, MAARIKA KARM, KRETE BELJAEV, a project investigated during a living materials course, supervised by Erki Nagla and Kärt Ojavee

INTERACTIVE WALL PANNEL by ANNIKA KALDOJA, developed during materials course, supervised Kärt Ojavee

"COFFEE MORPHOSIS", master's thesis projects by ANNIKA KALDOJA, supervised by Hannes Praks, Edina Dufala-Pärn, Eik Hermann, Kärt Ojavee 

Samples from EXPERIMENTAL MATERIALS course, supervised by Kärt Ojavee