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Köler Prize is the most significant prize in contemporary art in Estonia based on private capital. The nominees are introduced to the public via video ‘screen tests’, a catalogue and works chosen for the exhibition, spend over a month in the public eye before the international jury makes a decision. This is not a new model: the same logic is followed by the British Turner Prize, as well as Ars Fennica, which is closer to Estonia. 

Kärt Ojavee was nominated for Köler Prize in 2014 and presented an installation THINGS.

The installation referred to our virtual environment - the internet - moving from various smart devices, like boards, displays and tabs, into objects around us, forming the Internet of Things. We can easily activate an object in our household with a simple gesture, touch or sound. The objects will be connected to one another. The internet moves into our physical world and materials around us will be displaying information in any form, whenever and wherever we allow it.


The internet of materials is a base for the installation THINGS, which is driven from the reality of interconnected materials and objects.

Whenever a person touched the moss covered stone in a gallery, an other stone, a 3D prined version of it was activated 100 kilometers away in a forrest. The scenery in the forrest was also visible at the gallery via live camera. 

In the gallery was also a vessel filled with water. Whoever touched the water, activated a mist that would give moisture to the moss over the stone. 

Things: stone, water, mist, smell, thing no. 1, moss, trees, image, object, space

Year: 2014


Concept design and development:

Kärt Ojavee

Electronics design and programming: Jaan Rebane

Installing: Andrus Ojavee

Photos: Johannes Säre

Supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital

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