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SÜNNISÕNAD (NATIVITY WORDS) was a musical incantation that premiered in 2015. The costumes and stage design was created by Kärt in collaboration with Edith Karlson. 


Nativity Words blended archaic mind patterns with technologically digital treatment of the world, synthesized mythology and futurism and reconciled sacral perception with the spirit of idealizing  the contemporary world’s novelty.

The production retained the rustic content but dressed Veljo Tormis up in digital creased trousers and had him to sit in the yet uninvented vessel.


The performance rowed through such works of Veljo Tormis as ‘Creation of the World’ from Izhorian epic, cantata ‘Nativity Words’, ‘Kalevala’s 17th rune song’, ‘Said Lembitu’, Etude with Juhan Viiding. ‘They sing on the ship’


With thie piece conductor Tõnu Kaljuste and director Peeter Jalakas continued the cycle of grand pieces based on the music of Veljo Tormis with the joint musical production of ‘Nativity Words’ by Von Krahl Theatre, Nargen Opera andNargenfestival.

"Nativity Words" was created as the beginning of the mythical time cycle which at the same time marks its closing with the memorable for the audience and Estonian culture history "Estonian ballads" (2004), "Estonian womens's songs" (2006) and "Estonian men's songs" (2008) as the background.


Year: 2015


Director: Peeter Jalakas

Musical Director: Tõnu Kaljuste

Music author: Veljo Tormis

Arrangements: Tõnu Kõrvits

Designers: Kärt Ojavee and Edith Karlson

Stage Design: Peeter Jalakas, Enar Tarmo, Kärt Ojavee and Edith Karlson

Video artists: Emer Värk and Mikk-Mait Kivi

Choreography: Simona Orinska, Peeter Jalakas and troupe

Graphic Design: Margus Tamm

Technical solutions: Enar Tarmo and Rinald Kodasma

Lights: Rommi Ruttas, Allar Räim

Sound: Haar Tammik

Production: Von Krahl Theatre, Nargen Opera and Nargenfestival in cooperation with Estonian Concert and Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

On stage: Estonian National Male Choir, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Viljandi Drumlab (Silver Ulvik, Francois Archanjo, Urmas Pitsi, Siim Koppel), rune singer Ilona Korhonen (Finland), Simona Orinska (Latvia), Ieva Putnina (Latvia), Ragne Veensalu, Ott Kartau, Ivo Reinok, Jaan Väärt, Taavi Eelma. 

Texts: Tiina Tauraite, Erki Laur, Taavi Eelma, Ragne Veensalu, Ott Kartau, Ivo Reinok

Elisa Huovinen (assistant to Musical Director)

Reigo Ahven (importer of Viljandi Drumlab)

Technical support: Kristiina Praks, Enar Tarmo, Rinald Kodasma, Jürgen Reismaa, Aleksander Sprohgis, Mihhail Makošin

Supporters: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Culture Ministry, Avision, Cramo, SYSPrint, Blackbox Production

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